We are J.A.M Studios; Jess Leney Tillett and Naomi (Nam) Watkins. We went to Kingston School of Art together where we met and our story began. By second year we were living together and the more we worked around each other we realised how similar our design aesthetic and morals were as well as growing a huge appreciation for each other’s work. We’ve lived together ever since and we’re now based in Brixton, London, in our flat/studio (much to our tidy boyfriends’ dismay).

We make everything we sell with our own four hands, sewing every stitch and VERY patiently threading every bead ourselves. Imagine us as your older, slightly eccentric sisters sewing you fucking steezy pieces of clothing to match ours. Part of what we think makes J.A.M so great is that we recognise that fashion is not sustainable and that something needs to shift. But everyone wants clothes that make them smile when they look at them. Our response to this is to always use discontinued, re-purposed and vintage fabrics, which comes at a price – it takes time, effort and money to source and the quantity and choice is limited, sometimes affecting the designs of our pieces. But we also believe this is what makes us so special; every decision regarding materials has been deliberated over (with a glass of wine to help decide) to make it right for the environment and our customers.